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How to Decorate a Side Table to Elevate Your Living Room
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How to Decorate a Side Table to Elevate Your Living Room

Decorating a side table can transform your living room into a more user-friendly and inviting space. Whether you have matching end tables by the sofa, a side table between armchairs, or a mix of different tables around the room, adding a few functional and stylish elements can complete the look.

By styling side tables of various shapes, heights, materials, and sizes with practical and decorative items such as table lamps, scented candles, books, coasters, plants, vases, and storage pieces like trays, baskets, and bowls, you can add the perfect finishing touch to your living room. Here are some ideas to inspire you:

General Tips for Decorating Side Tables

  1. Leave Functional Space: Ensure there’s room to set down essentials like a drink, remote control, or book. Balance decoration with functionality to avoid a cluttered look.
  2. Enhance Your Decor: Choose objects that add color and a mix of materials and finishes to create interest. Metallic finishes can brighten the display, a potted plant adds greenery, and neutral objects in black and white tones can create a modern feel.
  3. Complement the Room’s Style: Match the side table decor to your room’s overall style, whether it’s farmhouse, modern, or traditional. Use natural elements that can be rotated seasonally, like branches, pine cones, or dried flowers, for budget-friendly and sustainable decor.

Specific Ideas for Side Table Decor

  1. Fresh Flowers: A vase of fresh flowers can add a simple, elegant touch to any side table.
  2. Reading Material: Stack coffee table books on a side table for a dual-purpose display. Add an LED candle and dried flowers to create a cozy ambiance.
  3. Statement Lamp: Anchor a pair of sofas with a statement table lamp on a corner side table.
  4. Seasonal Branches: Display seasonal branches for a natural and ever-changing look.
  5. Decorative Tray: Keep a two-tiered end table organized with a decorative tray to corral small items.
  6. Handy Coasters: Keep drink coasters on a small side table between armchairs for a practical yet decorative touch.
  7. Clutter Basket: Use an open basket on the side table to hide TV remotes or small objects.
  8. Open Book: Create an inviting feel by displaying an open book, whether it’s a current read, a vintage tome, or a coffee table book. Pair it with a vase of orchid branches for a natural element.
  9. Chess Board: A stylish chess set on a side table can add a game-ready feel and act as decor.
  10. Vintage Books: Decorate with vintage books for a lived-in feel. Choose books that are meaningful to you.
  11. Single Object: A small sculptural side table decorated with a single matching-tone object can create a modern minimal look.
  12. Book and Flowers: A small round side table with a hardcover book and a vase of fresh flowers can add charm.
  13. Wooden Vase: A wooden vase adds warmth and texture to a modern living room side table. Fill it with dried or fresh flowers as the mood strikes.
  14. Glass Lamps: Matching glass table lamps on end tables can keep the space feeling open and provide light.
  15. Scented Candle: A large scented candle can add a cozy feel and serve as decor when unlit.
  16. Colorful Lamp: A colorful table lamp can become a focal point, especially when placed on a stack of hardcover books.
  17. Spirit Animal Sculpture: Display a small sculpture of your favorite spirit animal to add a personal and warm touch.
  18. Tall Plinth with Greenery: An extra-tall plinth with a vase of greenery can add height and drama to your living room.
  19. Metallic Elements: Incorporate metallic objects on a side table to reflect light and add sparkle.
  20. Keep It Simple: Not every side table needs decoration. Sometimes, leaving a table empty can enhance the room’s overall look.

By following these tips and incorporating these ideas, you can create a living room that is both functional and inviting, with side tables that serve as practical and stylish components of your decor.

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