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Sideboard Design: Three Layouts and Four Major Considerations

Sideboard Design: Three Layouts and Four Major Considerations

The design of sideboards is a home project worth exploring, both from a practical and aesthetic point of view. This article will introduce three layout methods and four design considerations in detail to help you create a sideboard that is both practical and beautiful.
white sideboard
Three layouts of sideboards:

Vertical layout: The sideboard is close to the wall, and the dining table is perpendicular to the sideboard. This layout makes full use of space and can also ensure the storage function of the sideboard. For ease of use, you can consider designing the lower cabinet of the sideboard with a sliding door or open style to facilitate access to items.

Parallel layout: The dining table and sideboards are placed parallel to each other. This layout can create a spacious and comfortable dining environment. However, it should be noted that in order to ensure that diners sitting on one side of the sideboard can use the dining chairs comfortably, a distance of at least 120cm needs to be maintained between the dining table and the sideboard.

Independent layout: This layout is an extension of the vertical layout. The dining table is vertically away from the sideboard, leaving an aisle of about 60cm in the middle. This layout ensures normal passage for an adult and also makes it easy to reach the items on the sideboard.
black sideboard
Four major considerations for sideboard design:

Leave a countertop: In order to facilitate the use of the sideboard, you can leave a countertop in the middle and lower section of the cabinet or about 100cm above the ground to place commonly used items, such as rice cookers, hot water kettles, tea cups, etc.

Install an open grid: Adding an open grid to the lower middle of the sideboard can optimize the layout and make the space lighter. It can also store fragmentary but frequently used items, such as paper towels, toothpicks, knives and forks, etc., while sitting on a dining chair. can be easily accessed.

Appliance embedded area: Reserve a small appliance embedded area on the sideboard, and embed small appliances such as coffee machines, ovens, and microwaves into it. You can easily create a hand brewing area or baking area at home.
black sideboard
Reserve sockets: The sideboard needs to reserve enough sockets to meet daily needs such as boiling water, cooking, and juicing. At the same time, it is also very necessary to choose boards whose environmental protection level reaches the new national standard ENF level. For example, Weiye boards are a Chinese environmental label product and are worth buying.

In short, the design of sideboards needs to consider a variety of factors, including layout, usage requirements, and environmental performance. Through reasonable planning and design, the sideboard can become a beautiful scenery in the home, which is both practical and beautiful.

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