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The Best Way to Design an Entryway Shoe Cabinet

The Best Way to Design an Entryway Shoe Cabinet

Shoe cabinets are one of the pieces of furniture that almost every household needs. They are often placed at the entrance to facilitate family members to change and store shoes. Shoe cabinets should not only be beautiful, but also be practical. However, many friends always feel that their shoe cabinets are not very easy to use, such as shoes that cannot fit, inappropriate sizes, etc. Today we will talk about things you need to pay attention to when designing shoe cabinets, let’s go!
Rattan Bench Shoe Storage
1. Make the shoe cabinet as large as possible
According to the size of the entrance space, try to make the shoe cabinet as large as possible. It is recommended that if conditions permit, it be directly made into a large shoe cabinet that towers over the sky. Don't underestimate the number of shoes you have. If you want to consider the increase in the residential population in the future, you should prepare more space for storing shoes. With one more person in the family, the number of shoes will basically double.

Take a girl as an example and estimate it conservatively:
Slippers, 2 pairs (one pair in summer and one pair in winter)
Sneakers, 2 pairs
Single shoes, 4 pairs (including flat shoes, high heels)
Sandals, 4 pairs
Boots, 4 pairs (including short boots and long boots)

According to this rough calculation, a girl has about ten pairs of shoes. Adding in her family's shoes and the new shoes she bought later, the shoe cabinet is too small to fit in.
rattan shoe cabinet
2. Shoe cabinet size
Generally, the depth of shoe cabinets is between 350-400mm, which can ensure that men's shoes are placed flat. If the depth of shoe cabinets is less than 300mm, consider designing the partitions to be inclined. The width and height of customized shoe cabinets depend on the actual space size. The height of each layer inside the cabinet can be adjusted according to the attributes of the shoes. Generally, the grid height is above 150mm, and there are sizes such as 160mm, 180mm, 200mm, and 220mm. If women have more boots, they can also be adjusted according to the height of the shoes.
For finished shoe cabinets, the height is generally 600-1200mm, the length is 500-1200mm, and the depth is about 300mm. The common size of finished shoe cabinets is 1000*300*1000mm.
Regarding the depth of the shoe cabinet, it is not that the deeper the better, because the length of shoes in size 47 is almost 30.5cm, which is considered to be a person with relatively large feet. Most people's shoe sizes cannot be such a large size, so the shoe cabinet depth of 350mm is enough. , if the depth is deeper, it will not be very convenient to take the shoes, and it will be a waste of space.

large shoe cabinet

▲The shoe cabinet is too deep, so you have to reach in to get your shoes.

3. Shoe cabinet design details
When customizing the shoe cabinet, you can add some small details, which will make it more convenient to use and more suitable for real life.

1) Leave the bottom empty: Leave 150-200mm of space at the bottom of the shoe cabinet to place slippers and shoes that you usually wear, or dirty shoes.

2) Add a shoe-changing stool: It is too tiring to bend down and stick out your butt every time you change shoes. Especially when girls want to wear high heels or high boots, it would be too uncomfortable without a stool. It is much more convenient to design a shoe changing stool combined with the shoe cabinet. If you buy a finished shoe cabinet, just buy a small stool.

3) Increase local lighting: The lighting in the entrance is not very good. If the bottom and middle of the shoe cabinet have a hollow design, it is best to add light strips or downlights to increase the light, which is very practical.

4) Special storage area: The shoe cabinet drawer is very convenient to use. It can store some commonly used small items, such as keys, umbrellas and the like, so it is not easy to lose them. It can also be combined with hooks to easily store backpacks and jackets.

5) Full-length mirror: You can set up a full-length mirror in a place that you pass by every day when you go out. You can tidy up your appearance before going out to make yourself in better condition. You can also see the overall outfit after changing your shoes without having to go back and forth between the bedroom and the entrance. run.

6) Movable partitions: Different types of shoes have different heights. The partitions inside the shoe cabinet can be designed as movable partitions, so that they can be adjusted according to your own needs and can be used more flexibly.

4. Shoe cabinets should be moisture-proof: Shoe cabinets should be moisture-proof, mildew-proof, and odor-proof. When entering the house, let the shoes you take off air dry before putting them in the shoe cabinet to avoid bringing moisture from the shoes into the shoe cabinet. In addition, the bottom is designed to be suspended. 25 cm, install symmetrical ventilation holes in the shoe cabinet to allow fresh outside air to flow in and dissipate odor and moisture in the cabinet. In addition, regular use of the shoe cabinet will also make the shoe cabinet better breathable and ventilated. If the environment is too humid, you can install an exhaust fan and moisture-proof rod in the shoe cabinet. If you want to maintain the best ventilation performance of your shoe cabinet, choosing giratree rattan shoe cabinets can solve your worries well. Rattan shoe cabinets are environmentally friendly, natural, moisture-proof, not prone to bacteria and mold, and have a long service life.
rattan shoe cabinet image
When designing the shoe cabinet, it should be coordinated with the style of the whole house: the shoe cabinet is not a single entity, so it should be coordinated with the home decoration style of the whole house. If the overall home decoration style tends to be warm, then it is not recommended to choose a color that is too cold for the shoe cabinet, and vice versa. Likewise. Taking into account the overall practicality, it is also recommended that when choosing a shoe cabinet, you should not blindly follow the trend. The one that suits your home decoration style is the best.

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