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10 Small Space Storage Tips to Make Your Home Look More Spacious

10 Small Space Storage Tips to Make Your Home Look More Spacious

In today's urbanized life, more and more people are beginning to enjoy the comfort and convenience of small living spaces. However, for many people, how to store smartly in a small space and make the home look more spacious is still a challenge. Through the following methods, you can make full use of the existing space and improve the quality of living.

1. Use walls

In small spaces, walls are often wasted. Therefore, consider utilizing the space on your walls to increase storage space. Installing wall cabinets, bookshelves, kitchen storage cabinets, etc. on the wall can save a lot of space, and you can also use the blank wall to add decoration. In addition, wall shelves can also be a good choice for storage. Installing a small number of wall shelves, such as one for a kitchen, a bedroom and a bathroom, can provide plenty of storage space while adding some décor to the home.
Storing items on a shelf keeps them off the ground, taking up less space. Such as kitchen utensils, slippers, bath towels, etc. In this way, the wall not only decorates the room but also adds efficient storage space.
wall shelves
2. Choose multifunctional furniture

Multifunctional furniture is essential in modern life, it has storage functions and can also meet various needs. For example, under-bed storage, wall cabinets, storage tables, sofa beds, etc. allow furniture to have a dual function, serving both decorative and practical purposes. For example, a bed usually takes up most of the space in a bedroom, so it would be best if you could use space under the bed to store items. Store seasonal or rarely used items, such as seasonal clothing, large suitcases, and seasonal décor, in under-bed storage bins or by utilizing under-bed storage racks. Use storage benches in living rooms and bedrooms to provide extra storage space. At the same time, you can also use multi-layer shelves to organize shoes, photos, books, etc. Not only do sofa beds provide an extra sleeping space, they also serve as storage when not in use.
Under bed storage function
3. Choose a transparent storage method
Transparent storage cabinet and gradient storage products can well solve the problem of sufficient storage of items in small spaces and make items easier to find and identify. By using transparent storage boxes and gradient storage products, the space can be distributed more evenly, making full use of every space, while also making it easy to find what you need.
                             transparent storage cabinet
4. Change storage method

Sometimes it’s a little too much to store in a small space. Need to change the way to create more storage space. Some elements can be categorized and dispersed throughout, such as storing towels and sheets separately. Food and cooking equipment should be stored separately to make the kitchen environment cleaner. When considering storing practical items, also consider the space they take up. For example, some common items used in daily life, such as washing powder, soap, dish brushes, detergents, etc., only occupy a shelf or cupboard. Quite little space in it. Consider using extra kegs or bottles to store these everyday items and place them on the wall or in the corner of a bathroom cabinet so they don't take up too much space.
small space storage solutions
5. Take advantage of gaps
Even a space in the bathroom, a corner in the kitchen or a corner in the study can become the best place for storage. For example, a pantry, some wall space, and hanging things on cabinet doors are all useful storage spaces. Installing long and narrow storage shelves in the bathroom, wall storage shelves can work well for this.
bathroom storage rack
6. Make use of wall decorations
Using wall decorations can provide more storage space and also add decorative features.
For example, hanging a knife rack in the kitchen, hanging a wall of family photos in the hallway, and hanging hooks in the bedroom are all great options. In the kitchen, you can hang a highly decorative recipe wall to store various commonly used spices. You can also hang a writing desk in the bedroom to make the space look more open and also have the function of storing books and documents. Installing long and narrow cabinets in the bathroom allows everyone to use the space more efficiently, making the sink and more items clear in style.
In small spaces, these can ensure that the home is both functional and welcoming.
rattan storage cabinet
7. Stay tidy with ease
Keeping a small space tidy and not compact can make it appear more open. Keeping furniture, floors, walls and other surfaces clean can make the entire space look more spacious. Additionally, items should be donated, thrown away, or sold regularly each period to keep the space tidy and uncrowded. This can also make the home more suitable for life in terms of appearance and use.
modern living room storage solutions
8. Choose the right color
Choosing the right color can make a room look more spacious and blend furniture and walls into a cohesive whole. Soft colours, brights and neutrals can all make a room appear larger and brighter.
Especially in small rooms, white and open-air light make walls and windows appear larger and more spacious. The home atmosphere is enhanced through light sources, making the entire small space look more comfortable and balanced.
modern small space storage solutions
10. Consider hanging furniture
Hanging furniture, lighting, and decor can make the most of a space and make a home specifically designed for it.
To enhance a sense of cleanliness and spaciousness, use hanging furniture in the room and reduce the amount of furniture on the floor. For example, in the kitchen, using wall cabinets to store tableware and cooking supplies not only increases storage space but also makes the kitchen look more organized. For a facade-style organizational structure, hang small items such as lipstick holders and mirrors to make the home appear more honest and smart.
kitchen wall cabinet
All in all, it’s not impossible to have enough storage space in a small space. Make the most of space and add storage functionality by utilizing walls, furniture, multifunctional furniture, and changing storage methods. When looking for new storage space, consider minimal space and try a variety of different ways to coordinate storage and decorative elements. By planning your space properly, you'll be able to create an efficient, functional, and spacious home in a small space.

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