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4 Tips for Matching Your Bedside Tables

4 Tips for Matching Your Bedside Tables

In 70% of families, the bedroom is a combination of bed + wardrobe + bedside table, and the bedside table is the most utilized in daily life. If the layout is well designed, it will be practical and not compact.

bedside tables image1

1. The bedside and wardrobe are connected, and the integrated design is more stylish. The space is divided into parts, and the bedside table is connected to the side close to the wardrobe, and the integrated design is simpler.

bedside tables image2

bedside tables image3

The suspended bedside table and wardrobe are designed as one, with a minimalist shape, which virtually increases the lightness of the space. It eliminates the sanitary dead space caused by the bottom space of traditional bedside tables and also solves the congestion caused by narrow aisles.

bedside table image4

bedside table image5

Bedside tables have many choices in design and materials. In addition to plates, quartz stone can also be used, which is easier to take care of and can be reused. The open compartment design of the wardrobe allows for a variety of storage forms.

bedside table image6

A split wardrobe door is designed at the corner against the wall, with upper and lower partitions. Combining it with the bedside table does not affect the opening of the wardrobe.

If the bedside table is simply separated from the wardrobe, the size cannot exceed the width of the wardrobe floor cabinet door, and storage access in the corner space will not be affected.

bedside table image7
The suspended type can also be grounded, opening up the corner and the hollow part of the wardrobe, and planning them into one, smooth and natural, and the originally narrow aisle instantly becomes less cramped.
bedside table image8
Generally, the distance from the wardrobe to the bed is 60cm-90cm. After the two are connected, the bedroom space and function can be optimized through integrated design.
2. Bedside dressing cabinet, a combination of practical and advanced functions. It is not necessary to have two bedside tables according to the traditional layout, discard one and make the other one into a dressing cabinet.
bedside table image9
bedside table image10
The entire bedroom is more unified for storage, dressing, and daily use.
bedside table image11
Reduce the size to simplify dressing and storage. The bedside table on the side of the bedroom is replaced with a floating bedside dressing cabinet. Mobile phones and small objects can also be placed on the desktop.
bedside table image12
bedside table image13
It is best to arrange the bedside table near the window with good lighting. The floating bedside table is easy to care for and clean.
bedside table image14
● The bottom suspension design reduces sanitary blind spots and makes cleaning easier;
● The bedside table can be designed with drawers, the height of the drawer is 15-20cm, and it has a certain storage capacity;
● When designing, the material of the bedside table should be consistent with the back panel of the background wall, which will provide stronger integrity and better appearance;
● Fix the bedside table to the wall with expansion screws, which has strong bearing capacity.
3. Bedside high and low cabinets improve the quality of life.
If the aisle size is 90-120cm or even wider, bedside tables and dressing tables can be arranged, so that daily storage, makeup and other needs can be met.
bedside table image15
On the basis of retaining the original bedside table, combined with the suspended dressing table, the staggered design of high and low cabinets makes the space more three-dimensional, and the dressing stool is placed under the cabinet to save space.
bedside table image16
bedside table image17
The design of the staggered cabinets further refines the living needs. The wall-mounted mirror is used to extend the space. The round stool can be placed in the suspended area of the dressing cabinet, making it easy to move and place without taking up space.
bedside table image18
bedside table image19
In addition to paying attention to the size of the bedside table, leave a distance of 50-80cm from the bedside to the dressing table to ensure comfortable passage. The seats must be measured in advance.
4. With a study area at the head of the bed, the potential is really unlimited. For families who don’t have dressing needs, replacing the dressing cabinet with a desk will create an extra office area.
bedside table image20
bedside table image21
No matter whether the bedside table is large or small, as long as the size is sufficient, the study area can also make good use of the corner position against the wall, and the desk can be large or small.
bedside table image21
There are thousands of possibilities for decoration, and the bedside area in the bedroom is often overlooked, but in fact there are many unexpected options!

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