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5 Most Practical Sideboards

5 Most Practical Sideboards

The sideboard is a common design in home decoration. Its main function is to store dishes, chopsticks, electrical appliances, etc., reduce the storage pressure of the dining table, and keep the room tidy. In addition, the sideboard also has a display function. We can place some decorations on the sideboard to add some decoration to the restaurant. Next, I will introduce five practical sideboard designs to you, hoping to provide you with some decoration inspiration!

1. "Three-section" sideboard
"Three-section" sideboard
The "three-section" sideboard is a more popular design at present, which divides the cabinet into three parts: upper, middle and lower.
The upper and lower cabinets need to be equipped with cabinet doors, where tableware, sundries, etc. can be placed for orderly storage. The middle part of the cabinet does not have cabinet doors, and usually leaves a height of 50cm, which can be used to place some commonly used small electrical appliances.
Three-section sideboard imag2
Since the cabinet in the middle is reserved for electrical appliances, sockets need to be reserved on the wall in advance. You can choose five-hole sockets with switches, the number is 3-5, or install track sockets, the track length is about 1 meter. These sockets allow for easy plugging and unplugging of electrical appliances, and the number and location of sockets can also be controlled for easy use and management.

Electrical appliances such as kettles and coffee machines may cause water stains when used. If dripping onto wooden counters, it can easily lead to moisture and mold.
It is recommended to add a layer of quartz stone or marble to the counter, similar to the kitchen countertop, which has better waterproof and moisture-proof effects and is more durable.
Three-section sideboard image3
In terms of detailed design, attention should be paid to the empty area in the middle not to be too short, so that some electrical appliances cannot be placed. Base cabinets should be longer than wall cabinets to avoid the "top-heavy" problem. The depth of the wall cabinet can be narrower than the base cabinet, or it can be the same depth as the base cabinet. These details can bring better results to the overall design and use of the sideboard.

2. Half-height sideboard
Half-height sideboard
If the restaurant area is small, the size of the sideboard should not be too large. For example, the "three-section" sideboard mentioned above is not suitable for small restaurants.
Half-height sideboard
For small restaurants, we can choose this half-height sideboard with a height between 80cm and 1.2m. The specific height should be determined according to the height of the occupants. This design does not take up too much space, but can also meet basic storage and display functions, making it suitable for small restaurants.

Compared with the "three-section" sideboard, the half-height sideboard lacks the wall cabinet part, but it can still place electrical appliances. In order to make better use of wall space, you can install wooden boards and place some exquisite cups and other decorations on them, which can both store and beautify the restaurant space. This design is more suitable for small-sized restaurants and can make full use of space without appearing too crowded.
Half-height sideboard image3
The most common storage design for sideboards is cabinet grids. This design has a lower cost, but is more difficult to store. It needs to be used in combination with storage boxes to improve space utilization and neatness.

In order to store smaller sundries more conveniently, it is recommended to add several small drawers to the sideboard, for example, to store keys, bills, scissors and other items, so that they are more convenient to access.

3. Sideboard + display cabinet
Sideboard + display cabinet
A set of high-quality sideboards should not only have powerful storage functions, but also be able to add decorative effects to the restaurant. On the basis of ordinary sideboards, display cabinets can be added, and decorations, figurines, exquisite cups, etc. can be placed in the display cabinets. This not only plays a storage role, but also beautifies the visual effect of the restaurant, making the entire space more attractive.

When designing display cabinets, you need to be careful not to make them open, because if there are no cabinet doors, it is easy to face the problem of dust falling, and you need to clean the cabinet and the items inside the cabinet frequently, which is very troublesome. Therefore, it is recommended to install glass cabinet doors for display cabinets, which can prevent dust from falling, and at the same time, the items inside the cabinet can be seen, and the decoration is better.
Sideboard + display cabinet image2
It is a good idea to install sensor light strips in glass cabinets. Whenever the cabinet door is opened, the light strips will automatically light up, creating a soft and bright atmosphere for the items in the cabinet.

4. Sideboard + refrigerator
Sideboard + refrigerator
The refrigerator is used frequently, so placing it in the kitchen is a good choice if there is sufficient space.

However, for most small families, the kitchen area is relatively small. The area of an ordinary three-bedroom kitchen is usually between 5 square meters and 8 square meters. After customizing the cabinets, the space available in the kitchen is already very limited, and placing a refrigerator may become difficult.

In this case, consider placing the refrigerator in the dining room or other adjacent space. If you don't have enough space in the dining room or other spaces, consider a small refrigerator or built-in refrigerator, which are smaller and can be placed more conveniently in the kitchen or dining room.

For small apartments, we can place the refrigerator in the dining room, and vacate the refrigerator position in advance when customizing the sideboard. This design has two benefits, one is to save space, and the other is to put the electrical appliances and furniture together, giving a better overall feel. .

The thickness of a single-door refrigerator is about 50 cm, while the thickness of a side-by-side refrigerator is about 60 cm, which is thicker than an ordinary sideboard. Therefore, the refrigerator part of the cabinet can be thickened and kept at the same level as the refrigerator surface, while the remaining part of the sideboard retains the original thickness of 30 cm to 35 cm.

If the overall thickness of the sideboard is designed to be 50 cm to 60 cm, it will make the sideboard look too bulky, so it is not recommended to pursue a consistent overall thickness. Instead, the appropriate thickness of the sideboard should be determined based on actual needs and overall design style.

5. Sideboard + housekeeping cabinet
Sideboard + housekeeping cabinet
I have heard many friends complain that after the house was renovated, it became messy soon after moving in. After observation and summary, I found that there are two main reasons: first, the storage design is not done well, and second, there is no special housekeeping cabinet at home.

What is a housekeeping cabinet? It is a cabinet used to store household storage-related items. This cabinet can not only keep the indoor environment tidy, but also shorten the flow of housework. If there is no dedicated housekeeping cabinet, items such as vacuum cleaners, mops, brooms, rags, garbage bags, etc. can only be placed randomly, making the place visible to the naked eye very messy.

Housekeeping cabinets can be customized individually or combined with balcony cabinets and sideboards. If there is sufficient space in the restaurant, the length of the sideboard can reach 1.5 meters, so it is recommended to combine the sideboard and the housekeeping cabinet. This design can make full use of space and make home storage more convenient and tidy.
Sideboard + housekeeping cabinet image2
Placing the housekeeping cabinet in the dining room has two very significant advantages:
1. The kitchen and dining room are areas with a lot of oil pollution in the home, and are also areas with a large workload of housework. Placing the housekeeping cabinet in the dining room makes it easier to access cleaning tools and items, shortening the flow of housework.

2. The main function of the sideboard is to supplement the storage function of the cabinet, which can store some sundries and store goods. This has some overlap in function with the housekeeping cabinet. Therefore, combining the housekeeping cabinet with the sideboard can make better use of space, and at the same time facilitate the storage of household supplies and sundries, making the home environment more tidy and orderly.

The distance between the shelves inside the housekeeping cabinet should not be too close. At least one cabinet should be more than 1.5 meters in order to store large items such as vacuum cleaners and brooms. At the same time, the specific size design needs to be determined based on the actual items in the home in order to better utilize the space and improve storage efficiency.

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