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7 Tips for Decorating Your Bedside Table

7 Tips for Decorating Your Bedside Table

As a resting and sleeping space for the owner, the bedroom has always been designed with a simple and comfortable atmosphere, and is designed to create a relaxing and comfortable sleeping style for the owner. As a standard feature of the bedroom, bedside tables have become an indispensable piece of furniture.
modern nightstands
Bedside table function
1. Practicality
If you don’t have a bedside table and you’re lying in bed playing with your phone at night, where should you put your phone, glasses, books and other items when it’s time to sleep? Or you need to charge your mobile phone before going to bed. Where can you get the charger? Most people will not choose to get up specially and then find a place to put these items, but choose a place that is easily accessible to put them. Although the bedside table is not a bedroom The protagonist, but having a smart nightstand can perfectly solve these problems.
nightstand with charging station
2. Decorative
The style and style of the bedside table are closely related to the bed, and they match each other harmoniously, which can improve the coordination and beauty of the bedroom space. And the bedside table can be placed with photos, too many decorations, potted plants and other decorations to further create a space A warm, romantic and classy atmosphere.
wood nightstand with drawers
3. Neat and beautiful
If you want to keep your bedside table neat and beautiful, the design of the storage space is essential. Generally, the items stored in bedside tables are small in size. Choose 1 to 2-layer drawers or 1-layer drawers with hollow bottom shelves to achieve multi-functional storage. And storing things neatly can keep the bedroom clean, tidy, and beautiful.
modern nightstands
Bedside table arrangement
1. Desk lamp
The bedroom is a sleeping space. Many people like to play with their mobile phones or read a book before going to bed. At this time, if the main light is turned on, it will be too bright and not suitable for drowsiness. And put a desk lamp on the bedside table. This weak light can protect your eyes while inducing drowsiness, which is the best of both worlds.
Bedside table lamp
2. Small trinkets
The bedroom is the owner's private space. You can place your favorite trinkets on the bedside table. Personalized and creative trinkets can also make the bedroom atmosphere more relaxed and comfortable.
Bedside tables and accessories
3. Vase
Placing a vase on the bedside table and inserting dried flowers or small green plants can also make the bedroom atmosphere more fresh and comfortable, make the bedroom relaxing and interesting, and enhance the appearance and temperament of the space.
Bedside table with vases
4. Photos or paintings
Placing photos or decorative paintings on the bedside table can make the bedroom atmosphere more warm, interesting or artistic, and make the simple bedroom more interesting and elegant.
Bedside tables and photos
5. Books
Magazines or books that you often read before going to bed can also be conveniently placed on the bedside table for easy reading later.
Bedside table and books
6. Water cup
Every time you wake up from sleep, your mouth will be dry the first time, and you will definitely want to drink a sip of water. You can put a glass of water on the bedside table before going to bed, and you can drink water after waking up.
Bedside table and water cup
7. Alarm clock
You can also put a small alarm clock on the bedside table, set the alarm clock, and set it to sound at a scheduled time every day to prevent yourself from sleeping in.
Bedside table and alarm clock
Things to note when purchasing bedside tables
1. Look at the assembly
It is necessary to know how well the bedside table is assembled. The door panels of the bedside table produced by regular manufacturers should be horizontal and vertical, and the gaps between the door panels should be even. Some non-standard manufacturers may produce uneven gaps between the door panels of bedside tables, ranging from large to small, so check carefully.

2. Look at accessories
Although the bedside table is not large, it still uses some hardware, such as drawers, hinges, etc. Pay attention to whether the drawer gaps are even. If the manufacturer's operation is not standard during production, the drawer will easily have dimensional errors in the hole position and the plate, which will cause errors in the installation dimensions, resulting in the drawer not pulling smoothly or being loose left and right.

3. Look at the holes
Most of the bedside tables are assembled. During production, many holes are punched in the boards for connection and assembly, and the accuracy of the hole positions will directly affect the solidity of the bedside tables. Some non-standard manufacturers use simple row drills or even pistol drills to drill holes, which have large positioning and dimensional errors, making it difficult to ensure firmness and accuracy.

4. Look at the cutting board
Regular manufacturers use computers to control the machine's operation and processing dimensions. The dimensional accuracy of the plates is high, and there will be no chipping on the edges of the plates. However, some non-standard manufacturers mostly use small manual cutting saws, which have large dimensional errors and often cause stubble collapse.

5. Look at the edge sealing of the board
Bedside tables are placed on both sides of the bed and have a very high usage rate. When purchasing, you should pay attention to check whether the edges of the bedside tables are delicate and smooth, whether they feel good, and whether the joints are fine.
Some non-standard factories use manual operation, which results in large errors, uneven pressure, instability in many places, and the problem of volatilization of harmful substances such as formaldehyde.

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