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7 Tips for Increasing Storage Space

7 Tips for Increasing Storage Space

We often encounter this kind of trouble in life. There are always too many clutter, but the space at home is always very limited, which will lead to very cluttered places to put things. If we make reasonable use of the following places, we can increase storage space.

1. Bay windows: Many people just use bay windows as windows, but few people know how to use them as storage cabinet, bookcases or wardrobes, which is a waste of space. They can be used rationally according to family needs. Bay windows provide more usable space.
bay window storage cabinet
2. Partition storage: Some partitions will be used in indoor spaces. In order to prevent space from being wasted, it is not recommended to use brick walls as partitions. Instead, storage-type bar counters, cabinets, and display racks can be used as partitions, so that there is virtually more usable space, and at the same time can have a partitioning effect.
Partition storage
3. Card holder: For small apartments, the restaurant space is small and there is a lack of storage space. It will be more practical to install a card holder. The card holder occupies a small area and has a storage function. It looks very warm. It is better to install one. Very practical.     card seats

4. Tatami mats: Many households that only need either lack a study room or a guest room. They always feel that the house is too small and there is not enough space. It is recommended to install a tatami mat study room, which can be used as both a guest room and a study room. It also has a storage function and can serve multiple purposes. The problem of not enough rooms.

Tatami study room
5. Aisles: Whether it is entrance aisles, bedroom aisles, stair aisles, etc., some wall space can be used, but leaving it empty is a waste. It is better to install a storage cabinet or display rack to store a lot of daily items and solve the problem of home storage. Insufficient problem.
aisle storage
6. Niches: In a limited space, the available space must be fully utilized. Just like a niche on a wall, it seems that there is only a little space. As long as the shelves are installed and ceramic tiles are installed, It can become both beautiful and practical, and is very convenient for storing daily necessities.
7. Stairs: Some LOFTs, duplexes or self-built houses will have stairs, but many people don’t know how to use them and just leave them empty, which wastes a good space. As long as they are used a little bit, they can be converted into storage cabinets, bookshelves, desks, etc. will be very practical and bring great help to the family.
stair storage
If the above seven places are well utilized, I believe there will be dozens of square meters more usable space in the home, making the new house more tidy and beautiful.

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