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How To Add More Shoe Cabinets To Your Home
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How To Add More Shoe Cabinets To Your Home

Do you think one shoe cabinet is enough for a family? You will find that even for a family of three, there are a lot of shoes throughout the year, not to mention that new ones are added almost every season, and although some shoes are not worn on many occasions, they still need to be considered with certain clothes. , so it should be prepared all year round.

A small shoe cabinet may not be enough for a family! Some people are even worried that there is not enough space at home to make a shoe cabinet? Take a look at the following content to teach you how to deal with too many shoes and no place to put them.
1. Change from inside door to outside door
If you open the door from the inside at home, it will occupy the space behind the door. If you open the door from the outside, the space behind the door can be used. You can make a large shoe cabinet along the wall, increase the size of the shoe cabinet, and store all the family's shoes. No matter how you open the door, it won't get in the way!

2.Outer shoe cabinet + inner shoe cabinet = double shoe cabinet
Of course, if you have a garden at home, you can’t waste it. You can install a small shoe cabinet in the garden, and install another shoe cabinet at home. There are two shoe cabinets. The outer shoe cabinet is for commonly used shoes, and the inner shoe cabinet is for non-seasonal shoes. , division of labor and cooperation, you can pretend however you want!

3. In-wall design
The wall on the side of the entrance is not a load-bearing wall. You can consider smashing the wall to create a space for a shoe cabinet and customizing a built-in shoe cabinet. It takes up very little space and is especially friendly to small apartments!

Outside the entrance hall and in the hallway at home, the side walls are not load-bearing walls, so you can build a shoe cabinet without any trouble!
4.Lower level of lockers in guest dining room
The storage cabinets in the living room and the sideboards in the dining room can be used to share the storage pressure of the shoe cabinets if necessary. However, it is recommended that shoes be placed on the lower level of the cabinet, and it is best to put some shoes that are not commonly used. Although it is not as convenient to use as the shoe cabinet at the door, it can avoid the embarrassment of shoes piled up at the door.

5. Balcony cabinet
The balcony cabinet can also be used to store shoes, and the shoes after washing and drying can be stored in the cabinet, which facilitates the process of housework and makes the flow of movement smooth and reasonable.
6. Cloakroom

It’s great to have a cloakroom at home. Not only can the cloakroom be used to store shoes, but it can also be used to match specific clothes, hats, and bags. A complete set can be done in five minutes. Matching becomes so interesting and life becomes a lot more colorful!
After reading these tips for increasing shoe storage space, please stop saying you have no place to put your shoes! It is recommended that you collect it immediately to avoid finding it next time.

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