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How to Arrange The Makeup Vanity

How to Arrange The Makeup Vanity

Everyone loves beauty, especially girls. Makeup vanity table are indispensable in women's bedrooms. Many office workers with formal jobs are required to wear light makeup, so they always put on makeup before going out. At this time, the dressing table plays an extremely important role. So, how should I place the dressing table after buying it? Many people think that it is enough to find an open space for the makeup vanity. In fact, the placement of the dressing table is also particular. Here are some important points for attention in the placement of the makeup vanity and bed!
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Placement of dressing table and bed taboo

1. The mirror of the makeup vanity should not face the bed
Sleeping in front of a mirror can easily lead to mental stress and emotional instability, which will affect the quality of sleep. Therefore, the shadow of the mirror will be detrimental to people's sleep health. The ideal arrangement is to make the orientation of the dressing mirror parallel to the sitting direction of the bed to form a harmonious and balanced Feng Shui magnetic field. You can also choose a dressing table with two doors. Close the door and open it when you need to use it, so that it will not form a shock, which can create a harmonious and comfortable atmosphere in the bedroom.

2. The vanity mirror should not shine on the head of the bed
The vanity mirror is looking at the head of the bed, which is easy to have nightmares or make people feel bad.
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Dressing table placement taboo

1. Dressing table avoid no mirror
A dressing table without a mirror is not easy to play the function of attracting wealth. It also makes people prone to insecurity and panic. A standard dressing table should be equipped with mirrors, drawers, etc., and it should be used for personal use as much as possible. If you share the dressing table, dressing table, desk, or work table with others, your private money will be easily discovered by others, and naturally you will not be able to gather wealth smoothly. !

2. The makeup vanity cannot be placed facing the window
The light outside the window is strong, and the mirror also reflects light, which will be dazzling and affect the quality of the mirror. It can also affect sleep.

3. The dressing table mirror should not be opposite to the door
Because the door is the air opening for the circulation of the air field in the bedroom, it has a direct evil spirit, and if the two are facing each other, the evil spirit will be even worse, which is not good for the physical and mental health of the occupants.
makeup vanity with lights and drawers
Where should the vanity desk be placed?

1. The dressing table should be placed at the angle between the wall and the wall, that is, the corner of the wall, but it is best not to place a triangle, which will waste space, and should be placed along the corner;

2. For a bedroom with a small area, the dressing table can be connected to the cabinet or placed in the middle of the cabinet, which can save space. The dressing table can also be integrated with the bedside table. This can be chosen according to personal aesthetics.

The dressing table is one of the most important pieces of furniture for every beauty-loving lady. You must choose a dressing table that suits your room reasonably and place it in the correct position. In the field of dressing tables, Giratree wooden makeup vanity with mirror and LED lights Stands out as a testament to design and functionality. Their durable materials, smooth operation, minimal maintenance requirements and aesthetic versatility make them a great addition to any bedroom choice.

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