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How To Maintain Storage Cabinets

How To Maintain Storage Cabinets

Storage cabinet are an indispensable piece of furniture in the kitchen. It not only needs to store some items, but also makes the kitchen look more tidy and beautiful. Therefore, people pay attention to cabinets. However, cabinets will have problems if they are used for a long time. of. The following are cabinet maintenance tips.

1. Note that during the use of the cabinet, it is best not to let the water on the countertop fall or soak into the door panel, which will cause deformation of the door panel.

2. It is necessary to know that the upper cabinet in the cabinet is not as good as the lower cabinet in terms of load-bearing capacity, so do not put heavy items on the upper cabinet, just put some light items on the line, and put heavy items on the lower cabinet. In addition, it is necessary to pay attention to the moisture on the dry surface of the utensils placed in the cabinet.
wood cabinets

3. When scrubbing the kitchen storage cabinet, it is best to use a semi-dry cloth to wipe it, otherwise it will cause water marks due to dripping water. If the door panel is a crystal door panel, you can use a clean towel to scrub it; if the door panel is made of solid wood, you should use furniture water wax for maintenance; if it is a painted door panel, then do not use soluble cleaners .

4. For the part of the sink, it is best to clean it regularly. Note that the neck of the pipe behind the filter box also needs to be cleaned together, so as to avoid the accumulation of grease. If the grease accumulation is too thick, it is recommended to use detergent to clean it until it is clean. If the hardware of the cabinet is found to be loose, it is recommended to find the manufacturer for repair and adjustment.

If you want to know more about storage cabinet maintenance, please pay attention to our website, we will update it regularly.

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