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How to Use a Sideboard Cabinet

How to Use a Sideboard Cabinet

The sideboard buffet is a traditional and stylish form of furniture that gives your dining room a unique charm and elegance. In the early 18th century, they symbolized high status and class. They were placed against the dining room walls, and their primary purpose was to store cutlery, plates, and tablecloths.

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Giratree is crafting 16 different rattan sideboard cabinets with a modern touch and a versatile design. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore five ways to use a sideboard cabinet other than as a buffet storage.  

 rattan sideboard cabinet image1

1. Living Room Minimalism

If you are an avid book reader, you can carefully organize your books on the sideboard cabinet to give your living space a unique level of ambiance. Make sure the colors and elements complement each other.

Another option is to spend money on an updated, contemporary appearance and use a sideboard to host the television and media in your room.

 wood sideboard image2

2. Hallway Ecstasy

Giratree’s modern white sideboard with a sleek and simple design will look stunning against a neutral wall and wood flooring in your hallway. You can also use it to store keys, mail, coats, and other items you must grab on your way out the door.

Add a piece of tasteful wall art behind the sideboard and a curated selection of intriguing items to catch your eye.

 rattan sideboard cabinet

3. Bedroom Functionality

Rattan sideboard cabinets can also be substituted as dressers and makeup tables by hanging a mirror on the wall. This is a great way to add more space to small bedrooms with minimum effort.

The drawers can be used to store makeup, jewelry, and hair accessories, while the top can be used to prepare for the day. This allows you to design a functional and stylish grooming area in your bedroom.

 rattan sideboard cabinet image3

4. Artistic Display

You can never have many places to showcase your personality and style through antique vases, scented candles, plants, and knick-knacks. Books and collectibles can be put on open shelves to add visual interest to the space.

Place table lamps on either end of the sideboard to create ambient lighting and highlight the items on display. If you have a collection of smaller painted canvases, hang them on the wall above the sideboard in a gallery style.


wood sideboard image4

5. Kitchen Storage

Kitchen sideboard cabinets can be used as adaptable storage and display options. Dishes, glassware, and serving platters can all be stored and organized. The buffet sideboard's top can be used for convenient food preparation or serving, making it the perfect place to set up a buffet or display appetizers and drinks at gatherings.

Sideboard cabinets can be a functional and aesthetically pleasing addition to your kitchen space by fusing functionality and aesthetics.

 kitchen sideboard cabinet image5

Final Words

A sideboard or buffet can add style and appeal to your home by being used in the dining room, bedroom, foyer, or living room. Bring home a top-notch, durable sideboard and pridefully flaunt your interior decorating skills.

With Giratree's assistance, you can carefully choose the ideal sideboard to suit your requirements and aesthetic preferences and realize the full potential of this classic piece of furniture.

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